After a Central Texas storm, you might feel a bit overwhelmed at the damage that can occur in an area that is so beautiful to live in most of the year. The problem with most hail damage to a roof, it is often not discovered until there is a problem with leaks or other visible damage to the interior of their home. By the time this damage is found, it can be quite extensive. Not only do you have leaks to contend with, but you may also have mold or mildew issues which can cause serious damage to your home’s infrastructure but also may be a threat to your family’s health.

Missing or torn shingles, along with other problems caused from hail or wind damage can compromise the integrity of a roof. Once exposed, this makes the underlying structure more vulnerable to additional damage and leaks from the wind and rain.

JP Construction is a hail damage repair specialist, and can quickly get a house back to normal after a bad storm. We do complete shingle re-roof, rotten decking, gutters, painting, sheet rock repair and all of the little stuff most roofers can’t handle. The best thing about us is that you only have to deal with one company to do it all.

Hail Damage And Insurance Claims

You may think that a few missing or torn shingles is not really a big deal and will just cause you a hassle with your insurance company. Fear of higher premiums or having your property insurance policy cancelled or not renewed may be stopping you from filing a claim for wind damage. However, with most insurance companies it is only an issue if you have “failed to take action reasonably necessary as requested by the insurer to prevent recurrence of damage to the insured property.” Therefore, if you do not address the problem properly at the onset, you may have bigger hassles with the insurance company in the future, especially if more extensive damage occurs.

Additionally, our special working relationships with many major insurance carriers means you will not get the run around. We will fight to make sure every claim is accurate and complete. We handle all aspects of your claim. Between meeting the adjuster to filing the final invoice, we have you covered every step of the way.


Quality, Integrity, & Dependability

We pride ourselves in meeting a high standard of workmanship for every task and project we undertake. Our attention to detail allows us to provide prompt, personalized service to a large variety of clients. Our work ethic to meet and exceed client expectations through job performance stems from years of tradition and expertise in all types of exterior remodeling and repair. We make use of the finest materials to meet the repair and remodeling needs of our clients.


Damaged Property Repair

We have extensive experience working with insurance companies and the insurance claim process, helping you complete repairs to your damaged property quickly and efficiently. We are an Allstate/Angie’s List Partner and are able to cover entire claims in most cases.